The Winner of Bike Raffle ~ Estella Saldivar

Estella Saldivar, the winner of the Ladies Electra Cruiser I Bicycle, is shown here with Board Member Dr. Pean Lai. Thank you Rubber Soul Bicycles in Fresno, Pean, and the board members of Teatro de la Tierra who held the raffle. Board members & artists raised over $5,000 for the event through ticket sales, the raffle, a silent auction, food, and music. Thank you to all the donors who could not attend but contributed anyway.LuckyWinnerEstella

Fundraiser Concert: November 1, 2014

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Music Before Conscience of a Bully Show

This was recorded before our Conscience of a Bully Show by one of our great fans!

Flier for upcoming performance May 17th and 18th


Esperanza Peace & Justice Cultural Center

Esperanza Cult Ctr 2-22-14

L to R – Patricia Wells, Agustín Lira and Ravi Knypstra play before a full house at the Esperanza Peace & Justice Cultural Center in San Antonio, Texas this past 22nd of February. From the historic struggle for civil rights in the United Farm Worker movement to the streets of Fresno, the songs spoke of the realities and experiences of Chicanos and Chicanas of today.

Teatro on Channel 21!

Chicanos y su legado: “Chicano” más que una palabra (parte uno)

Los chicanos lucharon contra la discriminación durante una época en la que el recismo era más notable en este país. Muchos de ellos quienes marcaron la diferencia, vivian en el valle de San Joaquín. Abraham Peña nos explica mediante su serie especial “Los Chicanos”

Chicanos y su legado: Movimiento Concientizador (parte dos)

Es esta segunda parte de la serie especial “Chicanos y su Legado”, Abraham Peña nos habla precisamente de como ha ido cambiando la percepción de esta cultura y lo que han hecho para la comunidad.

Chicanos y su legado: Esfuerzo valió la pena (parte tres)

Los esfuerzos de los mexicoamericanos que lucharon durante el movimiento chicano resultaron en muchos beneficios para Latinos actualmente. Abraham Peña nos explica en la tercera y última parte de su serie especial “Chicanos y su Legado” sobre esto.

Escuelitas Zapatistas 2013

What are the Escuelitas Zapatistas?

Along with the 4 study guides we were encouraged to read, it was an unforgettable experience that ched the way I think about society, about indigenous people, about mother earth and social justice, or as the Zapatistas put it: Liberación – Liberation According to the Zapatistas. On this journey to San Cristobal de las Casas, then to Oventique and later another caracol, to “my village”, I had to learn “how to learn” again. In a society where people care about each other and work together, there is love. This is the kind of society where everyone counts, where everyone agrees about the real boss: Pachamama – The Big Mama (as George “Elfie” Ballis called her). I also learned about Alberto Patishtán – imprisoned for 14 years for a crime he didn’t commit.

Que Vivan nuestras hermanas y nuestros hermanos en el sur TODAS Y TODOS!!!

Abajo y a la Izquierda

Agustin Lira sings about the Homeless

Agustin Lira & Patricia Wells sing Lira’s song “Don’t Come to Fresno if You’re Homeless” with the students of their music project “Generaciones” at the November 16, 2012 Annual Fundraiser for the Community Alliance Newspaper and Pacifica Radio station KFCF @ the Unitarian Universalist Church of Fresno. This video is of the City of Fresno’s demolition of homeless encampments in August and September 2013 .The pictures are by Mike Rhodes and independent photographers/contributors to the newspaper.

The Bully Vignettes girls theater class with Lira & Wells

The Bully Vignettes girls theater class with Lira & Wells

The Bully Vignettes Aug 2013 TBYMOC

A short video from the Theater for Boys and Young Men of Color with Agustín Lira and Patricia Wells at the Chicano Youth Center in Fresno, California working on “The Bully” vignettes.